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HARIBO Committee agreed conditions and transfer pr

2010 June 21
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HARIBO Committee agreed conditions and transfer production of Alicante to Gerona.

Crevillente (Alicante), June 3 .- The direction of the firm HARIBO sweets and Works of its factory in Crevillente (Alicante) have reached a labor agreement and economical to transfer all its production to the factory of Gerona, union sources reported today.

Haribo sources, company specializing in the production and distribution of jelly candy, have told Reuters that the company, ffxiv gil, has decided to centralize the production at its center of Cornella del Terri (Gerona), where it manufactures all its products and where to distribute them national and international level.

This decision involves the transfer to the center of activity that currently takes place in Alicante plant, with 119 workers, produces licorice.

The company has proposed to the employees to move, aion kinah, to Athens to continue working there, or benefit from a plan of extinguishing employment relationship.

Both the works council and the union UGT valued "very positively" the agreement reached, since both the employees who go to Athens as those who make use of the extinction of the contract "will in the best possible conditions this type of records.

For workers who decide, darkfall gold, to transfer to Gerona, the agreement assures them, as explained UGT sources, three-year guarantee of employment, a job for the spouse in the same working conditions, a total of 6,000 euros in aid housing, six trips to Alicante with expenses paid employment and promotion.

Employees who opt for the extinction of their employment shall receive an allowance of 40 days' salary per year worked.

HARIBO sources have indicated that the company has taken the decision taken in the production of Alicante "in order to ensure its competitiveness in Spain and to ensure the production in our country."

"Haribo is aware that the decision to relocate their business is as difficult for his team, which the company has recognized their effort and commitment," sources have been added signature sweets.

Haribo installed in 1995, its first factory in Spain, notably that of Girona, although he was present in the domestic market ten years ago through a commercial distributor in Barcelona.

Three years later, acquired the production plant of the company GELDUL in Crevillente (Alicante), which allowed the group to provide a new range of products: liquorice (the popular twisted) and extruded gel candies.

From Haribo Spain, the company exports jelly candies and licorice on the EU, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, Swiss, Poland and Singapore, besides serving the South American market and China.

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